Right rode away long ago…


So this is officially my first post and I decided to skip any sort of introductions and let whatever I put up on this blog serve as subtle insight as to the sort of person I am.
I recently listened to a song done by Agnes Obel- Avenue and the beginning sentence struck me into a series of endless thoughts: “what is wrong at the end of the day? What is really wrong no one dares to say. You know ure wrong when there’s only one right, but what is wrong when right is out of sight”.
Now before I continue please bear in mind that I am no intellectual, but nevertheless I believe as did plato that the unexamined life is not worth living. So after listening to the opening words of the song I asked myself if this is, in its entirety true. Have we humans lost sight of what is wrong or right? Have we become so utterly afraid to take responsibility for our actions that we blur the lines between right and wrong and  merge them into a series of personal orientations? Or maybe in our search for right have given up and agreed out of pure cowardice to settle for tolerance?
These recent ideologies that we have allowed to set in our minds have grown into an integral part of our human society. Everywhere you look there are always excuses.
Therefore I pose this question  to you all “what is the cause?”